OLFA started its operation on the Ukrainian market in 1999 with exclusive deliveries and promotion of OLAINFARM original products (chemical and pharmaceutical plant in Olaine, Latvia).



The company holds exclusive rights to distribute and market dozens of pharmaceutical products. Its portfolio includes medicines, food supplements and cosmetics.

Local offices of the company function and develop in all regions of Ukraine.

OLFA has its own pharmacies in Kyiv, Kharkiv and Dnipro.

The company opened APIVITA signature store in Kyiv (82 Velyka Vasylkivska Str.) and APIVITA Boutique in Globus Mall (Kyiv).




JSC Olainfarm (Latvia) – medicines (from 1999 till now)

Cooperation started from 5 medicines been proposed for the Ukrainian market: ADAPTOL®, NOOPHEN®, PHENKAROL®, ETHACYZIN®, NEOMIDANTAN®.

But very soon the product portfolio was enlarged with such medicines as NEIROMIDIN®, FURAMAG®, OLATROPIL®, ENTROP®, GISTAPHEN®, VAZONAT®, NEOMIDANTAN®, REMAVIR®.

Today OLFA holds rights to contract manufacturing of 2 drugs at Olainfarm plant: CAPICOR® and OLATROPIL®.


JSC Grindex (Latvia) – medicines (2000-2008)

Thanks to effective promotion by OLFA in 2005 Mildronat® was recognized as the best prescription drug of foreign manufacturing in Ukraine. In the whole for 8 years the sales volume of this medicine increased by 8 times.

Zambon Group (Italy) – medicines (2002-2008)

Due to active promotion Ukrainian doctors and patients got the opportunity to duly appreciate the effectiveness and quality of MONURAL (Phosphomycinum), FLUIMUCIL (Acetylcysteinum), Rinofluimucil (Acetylcysteinum + Tuaminoheptanum Sulfate).

Tonus Elast (Latvia) – health goods (2002-2012)

For 10 years OLFA was a continuous leader in sales of health goods in Ukraine.            

APIVITA (Greece) – natural cosmetics (2012 – till now)

APIVITA – natural cosmetics producer - uses ingredients from over 5500 species of rich Greek flora, pure bee products and organic essential oils. OLFA presents Ukrainian women and men with a wonderful opportunity to satisfy themselves with effectiveness of these cosmetic products.

 ORION Pharma Corporation (Finland) – medicines (2013 – till now)

OLFA presents the following OTC medicines on the Ukrainian market:  REHYDRON®, REHYDRON OPTIM®, REHYDRON BIO®, CUPLATON, AQUALAN®, REMO-WAX®, GUAREM®, LACTAGEL®.


A new and exclusive project which OLFA is developing in Ukraine. Unique healthcare product line combining such key elements as beneficial properties of plants, modern science and innovational manufacturing technologies.


OLFA offers a full scope of services for launching on the market and further promotion of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food supplements.  The company is considerably experienced in marketing activity with these products. In pharmaceutical promotion we pay peculiar attention to direct contact with doctors and organization of scientific conferences in Kyiv and regions.


Long-term and effective promotion of the whole product portfolio.

Fast reach to the target audience (doctors and pharmacists) and its full coverage.

Special approach to each brand what contributes to stable increase of sales volume.


OLFA cooperates with all leading distributors in Ukraine, pharmacy chains, and pharmacies resulting in high pharmacy penetration of medicines.


The most important for OLFA is quality of products. This is a core precondition for any brand birth.  The second one is products originality what will ensure a long-term marketing activity with them.


Since the beginning we have a fruitful cooperation with leading specialists in medicine and pharmacy; we support scientific researches important for healthcare practice and evidence-based medicine.

OLFA holds regular corporate and research-to-practice conferences, round tables in different regions of Ukraine. Jointly with recognized scientists we regularly analyze and summarize data on clinical administration of promoted products. Obtained results are published in specialized editions and voiced at research-to-practice conferences.

All the medicines which the company presents on the national pharmaceutical market have passed many studies before administration and reliably improve quality of life of patients. 


All printing products (booklets, calendars, notepads, leaflets, greeting cards, banners, guidelines, brochures, magazines) are made at our in-house modern printing facilities – OLFA print.

The printing facilities allow performing the most different kinds of work: offset printing, UV-lacquering, lamination, PUR-binding, cutting, bending, folding, perforation, collating, stapling, foil stamping, die-cutting, silk screen printing.

Printed products meet the highest quality standards.



“HEALTH LINES” is the magazine for readers who value the past, live in the present, and look ahead in the future. The editorial board includes the best specialists in medicine. Health Lines contains only topical and reliable data for doctors, pharmacists, and patients. It is issued in an edition of 60 000 copies.



For a long period of time OLFA has been supporting continuous charitable action “Let’s help children together!”: one hryvnia from each unit sale of Remavir is transferred to Aid Fund of supervised foster houses.

OLFA took under its wing around 500 babies with hard to treat diseases. We try to create comfortable living and rehabilitation conditions for children who are deprived of parental care and raised at foster houses.


The company can’t stand aside from the dramatic events taking place in our country. We bow before everybody fighting for our freedom and support soldiers of Ukrainian army, peacekeeping battalions, and volunteers with inasmuch welfare and financial help as we can.